Sunday December 4th 2022

Welcome to my updated site, completed in time for Christmas 2022. I am indebted to Andrew Rapps of AR Web Design for making such a thorough job of the update, which now includes just about everything I’ve ever written, including the various prizes, commendations and listings my short fiction and poetry has won over the years.

All my published books so far, and where to get hold of them, are featured in the Books Available section. The proceeds of two of the novels, Howell Grange and Gemini Day, and one of the short story collections, The Guy Thing, are dedicated to the Huntington’s Disease Association, as is the poetry collection, The Huntington Hydra.  The short story book, Fallen Eagles, is dedicated to the Huntington’s Disease Youth Organisation.  I have personal reasons, arising from the illness of my partner, for wanting to support Huntington’s Disease charities, and we still live in hope that some crucial breakthrough in the treatment of this illness will happen in time for him.

Two new books are due to appear in the first half of 2023, and further details of them will follow as we get nearer the date of publication.

The Fiction section also includes individual stories of mine which have been included in various anthologies connected with competitions or causes, plus the items which have been published in various online and print magazines. This section also includes some reviews of my books; not all of them are fiction books, but it seemed to make sense to keep all the reviews in the same place.

The Poetry section does the same for my published poetry. Updates as and when they appear will be added, though it would be fair to say that my writing recently has tended to drift more towards fiction and away from poetry. Poetry in the U.K. is, in my opinion, rather cursed with a lot of writing which no-one, perhaps not even the original writer, can understand, and for me, writing material which no-one can understand is an ultimately futile pastime.

Please feel free to browse through the site, which will grow as time goes on; some sections already need a few items added. 2023 looks as if it is likely to be an interesting if difficult year, and good writing will, as it always does, contribute to making life less burdensome for many than it would otherwise be.