Fallen Eagles

Fallen Eagles by Bruce Harris cover

Sixteen ‘rites of passage’ short stories aimed at raising funds for the Huntington’s Disease Youth Organisation – en.hdyo.org

The author’s interest in helping HD charities is as a result of his civil partner being diagnosed with HD in 2016. Having published three books in aid of the Huntington’s Disease Association, he feels it is now time to make an effort for the HDYO. HD is often misunderstood as an ‘old people’s disease’, which it is not, and contracting it in younger years is likely to make it more serious.

About Bruce Harris

Bruce Harris is a Devon-based author and poet who has been consistently successful in short fiction and poetry competitions since 2003, after a long teaching and research career involving published journalism.

Bruce has published four collections of short fiction, Fallen Eagles (2021), The Guy Thing (2018), Odds Against (2017), and First Flame (2013), and three poetry collections, The Huntington Hydra (2019), Kaleidoscope (2017) and Raised Voices (2014). His first novel, Howell Grange, was published by the Book Guild in October 2019; his second, Gemini Day, was published by The Conrad Press in July 2021, and his third, The Densham Do was published by Book Guild publication on February 28th 2022.

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