Plans for 2024 – 1

I have three books in the pipeline for 2024,  and all of them are already sufficiently advanced plans for me to be able to describe them in a blog.

The first one is not the most cheerful for this time of the year, but I think it’s true for many people that Christmas can tend to have a bitter/sweet feel when it brings to mind the people they’ve lost who are no longer able to share it with them. That applies to me this year, I’m afraid, after my partner of 37 years, Anthony, died in September, following a long, wasting battle with Huntington’s Disease. HD is a genetic condition, inherited as a result of one of the patient’s parents having the faulty gene, so as well as inflicting itself on innocent people who have done nothing to deserve it, it also means older relatives have to live with the knowledge that they are responsible for causing the illness in those they love.

There is still no cure or recognised treatment for Huntington’s Disease, but various organisations are working on research to improve our knowledge of the illness and try to find an answer to it. Whatever they eventually come up with, it will be too late for my partner, but nevertheless, those books of mine, most recently Diamond Val, written with the intention of donating my takings from them to HD charities, are still on sale on my site and further proceeds will still go to the charities.

In 2024, my fourth poetry collection will be published, and it will include a number of poems written in memory of Anthony and dedicated to him. The contents of this book are already with the publisher, and although we haven’t got a publication date yet, I anticipate that 2024 will not be very old before it comes out. This will be my last book dedicated to the Huntington’s Disease Association. In future, I will make regular monthly contributions, which will guarantee a certain amount of money going from me to them without being dependent on book sales.

I don’t blog on this to put a downer on Christmas; in some ways, I think this is exactly what Christmas is about, remembering the people who mean a lot to us and determining to be worthy of them in the future.

Before Christmas, I will blog on the first of the two novels which will be coming out in 2024 and wish everyone the compliments of the season; for the time being, I pause to remember one person in particular who will not be with me for this festive season as he has been for the last thirty-seven.