New Book – The Judas Gene

Details of my latest book are now on the home page. ‘The Judas Gene’ is my first attempt at a ‘whodunnit’, a genre which has always interested me, though I have tried to combine the genre writing with an individual twist, since I know the whodunnit field is already quite well subscribed. It introduces a main central character in the form of Detective Inspector Max Bellamy, who is a different kind of policeman in a number of ways. Firstly, he has spend some time as a crime journalist before turning to policing, a career decision largely disapproved of by his late father, a journalist and pop music agent. He is married to Louise, who still is a journalist, concentrating on environmental matters, but has aspirations towards a political career.

That’s probably as much as I want to say about it at this stage, other than to mention that it is based on the apparent suicide of a prosperous businessman and donor to the Conservative party, whose death arouses a lot of anxiety in exalted political circles. People will make up their own minds about ‘The Judas Gene’, but I think I can fairly claim for it that it is in some ways unique, and well worth the investment of time and interest it will take to read it. Apart from being centred on an individual case, it also raises a few questions on how we should see the future of our planet.

My fiction awards and poetry awards pages state that I’m now withdrawing from further entries into fiction and poetry competitions. I have been entering these now for over twenty years, and my site indicates clearly enough the level of success I’ve had with them, but I no longer have as generous resources in terms of time and energy as I had twenty years ago, and I can no longer keep producing new verse and fiction at the same kind of rate as I have in the past. The emphasis of my writing has, probably inevitably, shifted to full-length books, and ‘The Judas Gene’ is the first product of this new emphasis.