Better late than never

‘Diamond Val’ was originally intended to be published on May 28th, but due to technical hitches, i.e. the printers running out of paper, its new official publication date is now June 28th, so whoever is looking for a good read to take on the beach or into the countryside has the perfect opportunity to grab the book before the holidays start.

As of next week, links to the sites where the book is available will be posted on this site. The book charts the fight of a very able lady to keep her business in her own hands and not allow it to be run with ruthlessness and indifference to the needs of people and the contribution they have made to their job. Val has a large and diverse family, which in some ways is helpful to her and in other ways most definitely is not; all her children do not see life, or the Gilard Corporation, in the same way that she does.  And she is up against two highly self-interested and unscrupulous opponents, within the company itself, who do not hesitate to go in for dirty tricks if they feel they will gain from them.

‘Diamond Val’ is my fourth novel and my eleventh published book. My intention with this one is to dedicate the takings from it to the University College London Huntington’s Disease Centre,

Several of my other books have been dedicated to HD charities, because of my partner’s illness, and this one is a slight departure, as I thought it would make sense to dedicate funds directly to the research. The UCL Centre has been in the forefront of the ongoing battle against Huntington’s Disease for years, and I feel a contribution to them can only be worthwhile.